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Purchase some handmade jewelry from a shop in Leonardo/Middletown, NJ

You won't be able to find these artisan pieces at any retail jeweler or department store. Why? Because our selection of handcrafted jewelry are the creations of four Jersey Artisans who feature their works at Junction Boutique Gift Shop. Whether you're looking for something refined and simple for work or a stand out one of a kind piece, you'll be able to find them throughout our various shop displays.

We sell:

  • Artisan Bracelets
  • Stylish Earrings
  • Trendy Necklaces

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No two people are alike. Why should you be expected to accessorize like anyone else? Choose a piece of unique jewelry that really fits your sense of style. You'll be getting compliments left and right. Different artisans create different styles and types of jewelry. Everyone can find something that speaks to them.

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